米Yahoo!、「Yahoo Search on Mobile」機能を拡大

米Yahoo!がYahoo Search on Mobileの機能強化を発表した。これまでYahoo Search on MobileはHTML対応端末でしか使えなかったが、WAP 2.0仕様の携帯電話でも利用可能となった。ウェブ検索に表示された通常のWebページをトランスコードしてWAP 2.0に対応した端末で閲覧可能にする。

Yahoo! Search On Mobile

92466: No Phone Left Behind! [Yahoo! Search Blog]

Solomon said that while e-commerce is increasing, most shopping still happens in retail stores, so connecting store-bound shoppers with Internet information makes sense. "We know people do a ton of research online, and we want to make it easer to take it with them," he said. "You used to have to print [out your search results]." Now, users can send info to their phones to take along on the shopping expedition, and get more information via SMS or mobile search. [Yahoo Expands Mobile Search Options,, July 8, 2005]

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