ブランド保護:: SES Chicago 2004

SES Chicago 2004のセッション『Public Relations Via Search Engines 』の要旨


Ron Key from Converseon is now up. He started up to say that we are just beginning to scrap the surface of the potential of PR and SEO together as a tool. The missing element to what you are able to track with search engines is reputation. He asks how many people have Googled their company? Most raised their hand. Search Engines Impact corporate and brand reputation. Remember my "sunbeam water cooler" blog entry, with the customer service impact? A case in point includes; "home depot" and the 3rd result down is (at least on the slide it was). There are about 4.1 million people searching on "home depot" each month, so this is major. An other example is "delta airlines" the number 6 results is Today search engines have helped change the rules of the game by allowing a small player with a small site really make an impact on a large company's brand. The term being used for this is called "reputation attacks" with over 12,000 flames sites and growing. "Google has become the first page of corporate websites." David Weinberg quote. (rustybrick, Public Relations Via Search Engines, SearchEngineWatchForum, 12-14-2004, 12:57 PM)

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