Google、Goldman Sachs を”ルール違反”で除外 - IPO申請

Google は IPO申請に関して、Goldman Sachs がルール違反をしたということで除外、結局 幹事会社はCredit Suisse First Boston と Morgan Stanley に。関係者の話としてロイター通信が伝えた。Goldman Sachs および Google はこの件してコメントしていない。

Google asked investment banks pitching for the business, worth it said an estimated $100 million in fees, to come up with new ideas to conduct the underwriting rather than rely on old relationship banking habits, the magazine said. But when Google learned Goldman Sachs' Chairman and Chief Executive Henry Paulson had contacted one of the search engine's big investors, Kleiner Perkins, it deemed this as breaking the rules and bumped them from contention, Newsweek said. [Google bumped Goldman from IPO in anger-Newsweek / Reuters]


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