米Microsoft、MSN Mobileベータのテスターを募集開始

Neowin.netによると米MicrosoftがMSNのモバイル版「MSN Mobile」ベータプログラムを実施するためのテスターを集めているという。米国及び英国で選ばれたテスターだけが参加可能で、2005年8月から9月にかけて行われるという。

"MSN has made major improvements in the way you access information and communicate with others using mobile devices. If you are accepted in to the beta program, you will experience first hand some cool features and improved experience. This is also an opportunity for you to give us feedback about the product and have a key role in developing great products and services for you and other MSN customers." ["Microsoft inviting testers to MSN Mobile Beta",, 21 Jul 2005]

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