Google、2004年4月に株式公開 - Bloomberg

Bloomberg が6日、Google が2004年4月までに株式公開を実施することをアナウンスしました。時価総額およそ120億ドル。

<UPDATE>2004.04.30 Google、IPO を申請 - 株式公開へ

<UPDATE>2004.04.30 Google、リスク要因として Yahoo! と Microsoft - IPO申請

Internet search giant Google Inc. will go public by April at a value of 12 billion dollars, financial news service Bloomberg reported Monday. The report said that the Internet start-up company had hired Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. to arrange the initial public offering that would raise as much as 4 billion dollars by selling a third of the company to the public.

Google to go public at 12 billion dollar value []


Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs to Manage Google IPO (Update2) [Bloomberg]

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