「ランキングアルゴリズムを1日当たり2回変更している」 Google Marissa Mayer

米Google VP・Marissa Mayer氏のインタビュー記事。ユーザがわかる範囲で週あたり2~5の変更を加えているほか、ランキングアルゴリズムも1日2回ほどの割合で変更を加えていると答えている。日々小さな改良を加えて、検索をより便利なものにしている。


We have two, three, five changes every week that are visible to the end-user in the user interface. We don't [publicize] the ranking changes. We are making changes to our ranking algorithm at the rate of two per day. Interestingly, some of our competitors haven't made any changes to their ranking function for quite some time. Search needs to evolve: the user interface, the ranking function. It's a process of making lots of small changes all the time and to constantly make things better. [Marissa Mayer, Google, "Google VP Mayer describes the perfect search engine", ComputerWorld, November 10, 2009]

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