米LookSmart がオークション入札型の新しい有料リスティング「sponsored listings」サービスを開始しました。

米LookSmart が Google と Overture が激しい競争を展開している入札型の広告型検索サービス市場へ参入しました。今回同社が新たに提供する商品は "sponsored listings"。キーワードオークション型のPPC広告で、Overture や Google AdWords で導入されているものと同じシステムです。

米LookSmart は以前から有料リスティング広告 "looklistings" (ルックリスティングス)というサービスを提供してきました。しかし looklistings は CPC単価が均一であり掲載順位についても検索アルゴリズムによるキーワードとの適合度に依存していました。一方新しい "sponsored listings" においては CPC は広告主による競争入札によって決定し、掲載順位は CPC単価とクリックスルー率の積によるポイントで決定するという Google AdWords のシステムと同じ仕組みを採用しています。


Sponsored Listings


Distributed through LookSmart's entire network of partners, including MSN, Lycos,, RoadRunner, Inktomi and

Distributed to select sites across LookSmart's network of partners, including Roadrunner, CNET, InfoSpace, Cox Interactive, and


  • Flat cost-per-click (CPC) pricing based on your business category (see category CPCs).

  • The first 5,000 clicks each month are just $0.15 CPC, regardless of your category.

  • $29 listing set-up fee.

  • $19 to update listings.

  • $15 monthly minimum per account.

  • Maximum CPC set for keywords. The actual CPC is automatically discounted to the minimum value necessary to maintain the listing's current position.

  • No set-up fees.

  • No cost to update.

  • $15 monthly minimum per account.


Listings appear for searches on any keyword determined relevant by search algorithms.

Listings appear for searches that match advertiser-selected keywords. (Learn more about LookSmart's Smart Match technology.)

Placement in search results

  • Core body of search results.

  • Determined by relevancy.

  • Sponsored search results.

  • Determined by combination of relevancy, (click-through-rate (CTR)), and maximum cost-per-click (CPC).

Campaign management

  • Advanced user access control to viewing and changing campaign settings in the Advertiser Center.

  • Configurable campaign reports.

  • Ability to update content of listings.

  • Access to Help info, FAQs and friendly customer service.

Same as LookListings

The right program to start with if you:

  • Want to reach the widest audience across LookSmart's network of partners.

  • Compete with larger businesses that can outspend you in pay-for-placement programs.

  • Aren't ready to select and monitor keywords.

  • Favor fewer, more targeted leads over quantity of leads.

  • Value appearing in top-of-page sponsored search results.

  • Have experience with keyword targeted search marketing programs.


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