Google PageRank復活

ここ数日にわたり全く表示されなかったGoogle PageRankバー。米WebmasterWorldにて米Googleの従業員と言われるGoogleGuyがコメントを書き込んでいました。どうやら技術的問題だったようです。現在は復活し、PageRankがきちんと表示されるようになっています。

I suspect that the toolbar pagerank will be visible again in a few hours or so--I'll ask around about it... It's true that long holiday weekends are the best time to switch in or out different pieces of infrastructure. no trustrank, just back to the normal display. I talked to a few people and there was some new infrastructure that was swapping in. They expect normal toolbar pagerank display to resume in a few hours--no need for concern. [Google Toolbar, Desktop Search, and API Topics, WebmasterWorld]

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