GoogleGuy, Update Bourbonに再び言及 - 変更実施


Okay, a bunch of reinclusions (and the responses to some spam complaints) went out today, along with some improvements to one of the first two things that went out with Bourbon. I also believe that we completed a binary push this weekend that has hooks for the last part of Bourbon. We'll turn on one datacenter, and then the rest of the datacenters over the course of the next week or so. After the other changes that went out, this last change should be less noticeable. In a few days, I'll post a way to give feedback, but feel free to use the the spam report form at in the mean time if you want to mention spam that you see in the results. I'd use the keyword "bourbon" if you do decide to use that form, so that we can separate those reports out. [GoogleGuy, GoogleGuy's posts,]

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