米MSN の Lisa Gurry と 米Yahoo! Jerry Yang の両氏とも、現在のところ50%の検索クエリーに対して検索結果が出せないと答えています。50% に対してユーザーにニーズに応えられていない、ここに検索技術の発展の余地が十分に残されていると共に、技術革新によってこれを乗り越えた新たなプレーヤーが誕生する可能性があるわけです。

Lisa Gurry (MSN) :: "Our customers tell us that no one is doing a very good job with search right now," said Lisa Gurry, MSN's director. "Our own internal data indicates 50 percent of search questions go unanswered, so we think there are some great opportunities ahead." (Microsoft's 2 Popular Rivals / CBS )

Jerry Yang (Yahoo!):: I think so far, there is no search engine, regardless of it being Yahoo, Google, MSN or AOL, which is capable of providing a perfect search solution. Currently, 50 percent of search results fail to match the search parameters. Technology is the key to closing that gap. (Co-founder of Yahoo returns to Taiwan / TAIPEI TIMES )

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