米WebmasterWorldのフォーラムにて、MSNの社員が検索インデックス更新についてコメントしている。それによると、週末が犠牲にならないように、MSN Searchは金曜日と土曜日と日曜日の午後はインデックスの更新をしないそうだ。

It's a pretty safe bet that we won't do an update on a Sunday afternoon -- especially not one as beautiful as today was. :-) Saturday is out too. In fact, we're unlikely to do an update on a Friday, since it can mean sacrificing our weekends if there are problems. We do occasionally do A/B tests of experimental new engines, so it's barely possible that you might have seen results for one of those, but it's more likely that there's an error in your process somewhere. [MSN Update 6.25.06, WebmasterWorld]

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