Web表示高速化のための手法として利用されるクッキーレスドメイン(cookieless domain)は SEOに効果的なのか?という質問に対し、米Google John Muller氏(Webmaster Trends Analyst)が回答している。


The idea behind a cookieless domain is that it can speed up transferring static files by the browser not having to send cookies with every request. This is something that can help to reduce the time needed to render a page, if you have static, shared content. A cookieless domain does not have any direct SEO effect. However, as mentioned in there are situations where we may choose to use site speed as a ranking factor, so if you have a site with extremely slow-loading pages, it may make sense to review this as well as the other page-speed recommendations to help speed things up.

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[John Muller, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google What is the value of a cookieless domain?]

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