過去に米Googleウェブスパムチーム・Matt Cutts(マット・カッツ)氏は、サイト解析を通じて、"テンプレート"(サイト共通部品)と見受けられるブロックを検出し、かつ、それが全体的に低価値なパターンの傾向を示している場合は、相応に評価を行わないという説明をしている(参考:「同じHTMLテンプレートから無価値のページを探す」)。

さて、Google Webmaster フォーラムでフッターリンクに関する質問が寄せられた際に、同社社員のJohnMU氏が、次のようなアドバイスを送っている。

Hi Adlew

Looking at your site, I don't see anything particular. The hacked URLs ("?q=some-keywords.php") that have come up here are pretty old, so I don't think that's anything that is affecting your site's standing in search results. Given that they return normal content, they will likely remain indexed (one thing you could do is to use a rel=canonical link element on your homepage to encourage them to drop out), but they wouldn't be harming your site by remaining indexed.

I noticed that you recently removed the big (but in a small font size) "menu" from the footer of your homepage. I think removing that was a good idea, and will likely help your site a bit. In general, having a full "sitemap" in the footer rarely helps, and might be mistaken for an attempt at keyword stuffing. Using a normal HTML-sitemap page is probably a better idea -- or just linking normally between the pages in a way that gives context to each page as you're doing now. So given that change, I'd let it settle down a bit now, and just generally continue working on your site :).

Hope it helps!


(Site dropping in search results)





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