米Googleは最近、再審査リクエストを申請してきた一部のウェブマスター宛に、単なる Yes/No 回答(受理した/しない)ではなく、詳細な説明を送信する場合があります。これは同社Matt Cutts氏が先日、ビデオ"Are reconsideration requests read by real people?"で説明している通り、再審査リクエストを複数回送信してきているが問題が解決していない、気がついていないようなケースで、具体的な指摘をしたりアドバイスを送ることがあるということです。

ところで、GIANLUCA FIORELLI氏のブログ記事Google WTF! An absurd storyによると、Googleが「この言語はサポートしていない」という返答をしてきたのだそうです。同氏は不満を述べているのですが、Hacker News に Cutts氏の回答が掲載されました。


The explanation for this is actually quite straightforward. Google fights spam in 40 different languages and we absolutely take reconsideration requests in many different languages, including Italian, French, German, etc. We've also improved our reconsideration requests in the last few months to tell webmasters whether the requests have been granted or whether the website still has issues in our opinion. People have told us that they'd like to have additional feedback though--not just a "yes/no" type of answer. So we've been experimenting with giving more in-depth answers. I discussed the experiment in this video we published a couple weeks ago: (watch from 1:36 to 1:56 or so).

Now you know enough to understand what happened in this case. This person, after violating our quality guidelines, had done multiple reconsideration requests. His English-language reconsideration request was selected to get a more personalized response, but then when the Googler started to investigate the site, the actual site was in Italian. That's what triggered the "this language is not supported" message because the person handling the case was expecting an English-language site based on the English-language reconsideration request.

What you need to know:

- we absolutely do handle reconsideration requests in lots of different languages, including Italian.

- we've also been experimenting with giving more in-depth answers to webmasters. The mismatch between the language of the reconsideration request and the language of the website caused this message to get sent, but

- we'll still send this site more in-depth advice. Based on the website's spammy linkbuilding techniques mentioned in the blog post, it sounds like they could use the extra guidance anyway.[Hacker News]

Are reconsideration requests read by real people?


問題のリクエストが英語で記述されてきたので Google も英語が操れるスタッフをアサインしていますし、当然英語で記述されているサイトと考えていたのですが、実際は異なる言語だったために起きた出来事です。




珍しい事例ですし、インターナショナルSEO の担当者は知っておきたい知識ですね。

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